If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be no stranger to our weekly #AmazingFilms - a pick of short films (one a week) that have stood out to us as particularly effective in their message, doing unique things with the medium or just worth sharing for whatever reason. Whether you're in video production yourself or just in search of great new content to absorb - it's always beneficial to see what's being created! With another month down, and the sun behind us - we've compiled all of August's best picks here for you, just in case you missed any!

'We Summoned A Demon' - Chris McInroy

The title of August's first pick kind of speaks for itself: Two friends accidentally summon a demon, in Chris McInroy's hilarious and stylish short, 'We Summoned A Demon'. The retro look is very much in style at the moment, but this one is seriously well shot, with a great charm to it. We love the grey practical effects and the stylish lighting on display here, which all culminates in a hilarious and memorable short that you definitely won't want to miss.

'Garage De Soir' - Daniel Daigle

Taking place entirely in a garage, our next pick of the month, Daniel Daigle's 'Garage de soir', shows that you don't need a huge budget to pull off an effective story. We love the way Daigle uses a simple storytelling device, in the form of the one garage location, to build a convincing relationship between the central characters. It also helps that it's helmed by some great performances too...

'Automative Trend Visuals' - Foam Studios

This month's abstract turn comes in the form of Foam Studios' seriously trippy and surreal animated 3d collage.  Less narrative, more expressionist; this short was created as part of this year’s trend book presentation of the AUTOMOTIVE COLOR TRENDS®, and it offers some of the most eye-catching visuals we've seen in a while. 



'(OO)' - Seoro Oh

Our final pick from the month was Seoro Oh's brilliant ode to nostrils (yes you read that right...) - '(OO)'. As you know, we're huge fans of anything remotely well animated, so it's no surprise that we're big fans of the awesome art style on display here - plus it's always a bonus seeing something totally unique and original (and an animated ode to nostrils definitely fits that mould...)



And that's all for August, folks! Make sure you're following us over on Twitter or Facebook to see what weekly #AmazingFilm picks we've got lined up for September, and of course if you've seen a recent short film that you think deserves a spot then let us know! 

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