If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you'll be no stranger to our weekly #AmazingFilms - a pick of short films (one a week) that have stood out to us as particularly effective in their message, doing unique things with the medium or just worth sharing for whatever reason. Whether you're in video production yourself or just in search of great new content to absorb - it's always beneficial to see what's being created! With another month down, we've compiled all of April's best picks here for you, just in case you missed any!

'Lofoten From Above' - Maciej Ławniczak

April's first pick was Maciej Ławniczak's breathtaking travel short, 'Lofoten From Above'; shot entirely from the Mavic Air drone, this short is made up entirely of stunning aerial shots captured from a trip across Lofoten and Senja. Less a narrative short, and more an excuse to drool at some gorgeous landscape photography - but if that's not what drones were built for we don't know what is...

'HOW TO BE ALONE' - Kate Trefry

Fans of the neon drenched retro look of Stranger Things, The Guest or It Follows will be happy with our next pick - which conveniently comes from one of the minds behind Stranger Things... and stars the lead of both The Guest and It Follows... fancy that, eh? We LOVED this surreal, twisted look at the manifestation of a character's deepest fears and insecurities. Shot beautifully, with an effective colour palette and a pulsating score - it's safe to say trefry has definitely pulled off an impressive first film short!

'Hôpital' - Jonathan Robert

Next up from April is the music video to Jesuslesfilles' 'Hôpital', which happens to be completely absurd in the best way possible. We're huge fans of interesting animation, and Jonathan Robert's Terry Gilliam-esque collage of roller skaters through vibrant and creative backdrops definitely falls into that category. It all works brilliantly to convey the eccentricity of the music on offer here, and we loved every second!


'All We Have Is Now' - Joshua Galindo

It would seem we're heading out into more abstract territory with the final pick from April - Joshua Galindo's hypnotic collage of abstract animations, 'All We Have Is Now'. Theres not much of a narrative through line to this one, instead acting as a stunning and immensely satisfying visualisation of contemporary ideas. The fluidity to the motion graphics here is really impressive and makes for a stunning watch.

And that's all for April, folks! Make sure you're following us over on Twitter or Facebook to see what weekly #AmazingFilm picks we've got lined up for May, and of course if you've seen a recent short film that you think deserves a spot then let us know! 

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