You either got it or you don’t. Video marketing has become a necessity in business if you want to engage and grab the attention of a global audience. Here are 5 companies who have rocked it …

#1. LinkedIn  

LinkedIn the professional social network sets the bar high on how to optimise your business through video marketing.  This 30 second video has the power to provoke the desired response of feeling as though “you’re closer than you think”, encouraging the audience to never give up on the hunt for the perfect job. They create inspiring and motivating videos, and without the motivation of the keen job hunter, LinkedIn wouldn’t be the success it is today.

#2. Heathrow airport  

This festive video marketing strategy from Heathrow airport was cleverly designed to capture the heart strings to the British public, about families coming home to their loved ones for Christmas. Instead of using people for the main characters, they used teddy bears who were made to resemble grandparents, which drastically raises the cute factor x10.

Within a week of it being published, it reached 5 million views. A multiple range of polls put this ad in front of normal leaders such as John Lewis and M&S, for their consistently popular Christmas adverts. I would take a trip from Heathrow airport just in the hope of capturing a glimpse of those adorable teddies!

#3. Airbnb and The Art Institute of Chicago – Van Gogh’s bedroom 

This is a great example of how two very different brands collaborated to create an immersive experience for their audiences, all tied together in one compelling video. This video shows how brands who you would never think can work together, can join to create a great campaign for their varied range of audiences to enjoy. Without the video showcasing this collaboration of these brands, nobody would know about it and share it with other like minded people.

The creative collaboration has seen great publicity for both the travel brand ‘Airbnb’ and Chicago’s renowned art museum in the recreation of Van Gogh’s famous bedroom made to scale, for people to and stay in. This is a great example of a quirky campaign demonstrated through video marketing.

#4. Mars: Look on the light side  

As Channel 4 were on a mission during the Paralympics to change the stigma which surrounds disability. The hope was that this campaign could be a catalyst for better representation in advertising and show marketers that by targeting a wider range of consumers they can also increase sales. By featuring disability in this Malteaser ad, they wanted to show the diversity of people who enjoy their brand, steering away from the conventional characters of  chocolate adverts.

#5. Dove  – #MybeautyMysay Campaign

Dove is one of those brands who has cracked the code of relating their video content to their overall mission, rather than solely just their product.

The brand’s #MybeautyMysay campaign has been watched over 13 million times on Youtube and introduces the real stories of a boxer, a fashion blogger, a model and others who’ve accomplished their dreams despite what people told them they can or cannot do.

The video appeals to the ‘everyday woman’ and Dove knows this is a top notch marketing strategy to appeal to the wide range of women watching. By Dove showcasing their support and love for the stereotype of the everyday woman, this conveys the brand to seem personable and relatable. This campaign was intended to increase their product sales, and that is what has already been achieved! Top marks for this clever marketing video Dove.


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