Over the past few years, we’ve seen Drone videography evolve from a seemingly distant fantasy into a very real and affordable tool for consumers and video marketing. With researchers predicting the drone market to grow in excess of 50 billion dollars in the next 7 years; it’s safe to say the appeal of these winged beauties is growing. Now, more than ever, it’s easier to create unique, creative and visually arresting video content with the help of a drone. Here are 5 examples of short films that are pushing the limits of drone filmmaking to new heights.. (you didn’t think you’d make it through this post without a height based drone pun did you?)


This 9 minute short film tells the story of a neighbourhood dealing with an inebriated stranger - and it’s shot entirely with a drone. In one long continuous take. Yes you did read that right. The precision and patience needed to weave a drone through so many different states whilst keeping a clear narrative, and with only one shot? We’re still trying to work out how they pulled this one off..

Using drones to capture athletes and sporting events is nothing new - but this video uses the birds-eye-view and subject tracking capabilities of a video drone to their fullest potential, creating an incredibly satisfying and creative take on the free-running video format.

Picking up the ‘best freestyle FPV’ award at this years New York City Drone Film Festival; Robert Mcintosh’s beach fly-through was shot on the world’s smallest HD video drone - and the results are mesmerising. Passing through tiny spaces and floating with incredible precision; the fluidity that the drone brings to this video is really something.

Now we may be cheating here, seeing as technically this isn’t so much a short film as it is a slightly elongated selfie - but the insane nature of this one is perhaps the perfect example of how a drone can take a simple photograph and turn it into something infinitely more dynamic. Granted, the jaw-dropping reaction to this one might have had a little help from its location, but the movement the drone provides here as it begins to reveal a wider picture behind the subject is immensely satisfying.

We had to include this one on the list, purely for how effortlessly its able to capture the beauty of each landscape on display. Pushing the breathtaking grandeur of a drone's sweeping aerial capabilities to the max - its a beautiful film and acts as a reminder of the beauty of the world we live in, displayed in a way that only drone videography could deliver.

If you’ve been inspired by any of the featured shorts and want to see how drones could elevate your video content, get in touch! We’re Fully licensed CAA drone pilots!

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