There has been lots going on this week with the Blueprint team! Bay our new intern has joined us all the way from Boston, and she’s here to help with the distribution and
promotion of Blueprint’s feature film Vigilante, which is very exciting! We asked Bay her thoughts about the approaching project “I can’t wait to work on the feature film, it’s such an awesome movie!” We agree with you Bay! So it’s all hands on deck now, getting all set up and ready for the upcoming screenings of the film around the UK.

In other news, Laura has been occupied with Blueprint: Film Foundation this week, getting ready to shoot a “Come Dine with Me’ special with some of our young filmmakers in Shadwell. It was pancake day Tuesday, so our filmmakers thought it would be a great combination to practice with the cameras along with making some yummy pancakes! They are always very enthusiastic about handling all the filming equipment, and continue to enhance their camera skills, and we are very excited to see their finished product!

Down in our Lincoln office, David has been working with Loop Productions to live stream the Championship League Snooker tournament over the last 2 weeks, including the exciting grand final last night when John Higgins won in a 3 – 0 whitewash against Ryan Day. He’s been watching an awful lot of snooker over the last fortnight so he will be seeing coloured balls in his dreams (or nightmares!) over the next few days.

Chris our creative director, attended BVE which is the UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event, dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production sectors. Chris was in his element here surrounded by all the latest video productions toys and tech on the market.  A great event to attend for anyone who works in the video production, broadcast industry! But not great if you don’t want to spend lots of money ….

Finally, Mikaela from the Lincoln office is sadly leaving Blueprint after 2 years here! She kindly wrote a little piece about her time here at Blueprint Film ….

“Blueprint with lots of fun, lots of things I’ve learnt and lots of ridiculousness. There have been some projects I’m really proud to have been a part of – Japan Festival –  It’s always amazing to see all of that hard work pull together into something so many people enjoy, and my favourite Foundation project – Flix In The Stix, to name a couple. Yesterday marked my last Flix screening in Glentham – a great cho
ice as we screened ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ and it was an absolute joy; the Choc-Ice brigade loved it (the choc-ice brigade is my personal, loving nickname for all of our Flix audiences, who demand choc-ices in every interval, rain or shine. Who knew they were such a popular treat in rural Lincolnshire?). To end on a Flix In The Stix seemed fitting, as I owe the project a big thank you in my bid to move on to pastures new. I’ll be working with the Independent Cinema Office – a support organisation for independant cinemas and film distributors across the UK – they are placing me in The Showroom cinema in Sheffield where I’ll learn about film exhibition, programming and distribution on a larger scale. I’ll also be doing monthly industry access days in all of the locations trainees are placed (including Belfast!) – I’m excited, but I’ll certainly miss the sarcastic Slack conversations, rambling about films with Dave (how did we ever get anything done, when there are so many films to be discussed?) Thanks team, it’s been a blast!”


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