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tourism VIDEO MARKETING: how to attract more visitors

As the world slowly begins to open up to tourism and travel once more, getting your brand out there is more crucial than ever. But according to Think By Google, only 9% of travel marketers believe their business to be completely prepared for the next phase of travel.


So how can tourism and travel companies encourage and attract more customers, and best set themselves up for success? Consider tapping into the power of video marketing – it’s a format more suited to the world of travel and tourism than you might think.


In this article, you’ll learn research-backed reasons why companies should invest in tourism video marketing, and receive 5 video content ideas for travel and tourism companies.

why invest in tourism video marketing?

One reason to use tourism video marketing is that there’s already an audience for it. Each month, travellers make up over 100 million of Youtube’s unique visitors.


Furthermore, no matter what stage of the purchase journey you’re looking to target potential customers, research shows that video content is beneficial:

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  1. Initial thinking stage: when thinking about taking a trip, 64% of people watch travel-related video content.
  2. Narrowing-down stage: to help them narrow down their destination, brand or activity, 3/5ths of people watch travel-related videos.
  3. Final booking stage: 62% of leisure travellers & 74% of business travellers say that they want to see a video before making a final travel booking decision. Plus, 45% of travellers booked instantly after watching a video of travel activities.
Stat saying 3 in 5 travellers who watch online video use it to narrow down their brand, destination or activity choices.

travel & tourism video marketing ideas:

1. tour your area & facilities

To give potential visitors a strong impression of the quality of your facilities, use video to create virtual tours. For instance, if you are a hotel owner, you can produce video tours for each of your different room options. Alternatively, if you run an amusement park, you can film a video walkthrough of the park.

Another option is to record footage of your site using the 360-degree video format. 360-degree videos are immersive, spherical videos that make the viewer feel as if they are actually in the location being recorded. During playback, viewers can pan around the video to change the viewing direction through clicking and dragging.


For a bigger and more unique perspective on your site/area, consider drone video. This is fantastic for establishing and enhancing the beauty, atmosphere, scale and magnitude of a location.

Want a sense of power and potential of using drone video in your tourism marketing? Check out the above drone reel we produced from our time in Dallas, Texas. And don’t forget to read our article on using drone video for more information.

2. create website & social media videos to boost your brand's digital presence

Woman using iPad

How do you get your brand in front of the faces of potential travellers?


Global Google searches for “where to travel” and “can I travel” are currently near all-time highs. Video can help with SEO, meaning your website is more likely to rank higher on relevant travel-related searches.


Sharing video content on YouTube is also useful for improving brand awareness, given the amount of YouTube users interested in travel-related content. YouTube is also the world’s 2nd-largest search engine, so building a presence on the video-sharing platform is a win for any business.

3. inspire viewers with authentic narratives & testimonials

Woman holding child in forest

Storytelling is an engaging and memorable (and therefore effective) approach to marketing for companies in the travel and tourism sector. Use video to tell the (hi)story behind your brand, a specific travel destination, or a specific use case for your company’s services (e.g. a family holiday).


For added authenticity, create video testimonials and case studies using the real-life experiences of previous customersBecause you are getting a real person to tell a real story about your company, this is a persuasive way to sell to would-be travellers.

Man speaking to camera with graphics behind him

For a travel testimonial, set up an interview with one of your customers. Preferably use someone that your target audience can connect to. Also, focus on the positive emotional impact of the experience to establish a human connection with your brandYou can even ask customers to record themselves talking about their experiences with your brand.


Learn more about testimonials and case studies here.

4. provide valuable educational content to travellers

Impress travellers with your expertise and provide them valuable content through producing educational tourism videos.


There’s a range of video styles to choose from here. For instance, you might go for vlog-style content that feels authentic and personable to viewers. Or you can create an animated video to explain a topic through engaging visuals. You might even want to partner with a travel vlogger or influencer to get your brand in front of a relevant audience.

Ideas for educational video topics include:

  • How to check-in to your flight/accommodation/activity
  • Understanding and respecting local customs
  • An introduction to foreign language words & phrases to use while abroad
  • Q&A/Frequently Asked Questions
  • A guide to important festivals/events/holidays taking place
  • Recommendations for things to do/places to go
  • An explainer for a specific activity or tradition

5. give viewers a taste of local events & activities

As well as seeing your facilities and location up close, people interested in travel also want to get a real sense of the types of activities they can participate in during their trips.


Naturally, this works perfectly if you’re a company that provides specific activities or hosts events, such as a ski resort or a museum. But what if you don’t directly provide such activities or events? Offering information about what is available to travellers can also encourage them to follow you and ultimately become your customers.


Check out the video we produced for Bacardi‘s Club De Cantineros event in Cuba:

The film not only highlights the various activities that were on offer to participants – such as lectures, cookery classes, and scavenger hunts. But it also focuses on the positive atmosphere, feelings and connections experienced by those attending the event – inspiring viewers to want to attend future events.

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