Brand video guide: 10 ideas to inspire you

How can you shape people’s perceptions of your brand? What promise is your brand making to consumers – and how is it getting that promise across? How can your brand efforts shape purchasing decisions?


46% of consumers said they have actually made a purchase after watching a branded video on social media, and 32% have considered doing so.


Curious about what brand videos can do for your business? Read on to learn about the popularity of brand video, and get 10 brand video ideas (with examples) for your company.

What is brand video?

Before we move on to sharing ideas for brand video content, let’s establish what brand video actually is.


Brand video is less about overtly selling your product/service. Instead, it is about shaping how your employees, audience and wider public perceive and feel about your company.


To get a better idea, watch our brand video showreel:


79% of surveyed consumers agree that videos on social media are the easiest way to get to know a brand online.


And according to Wyzowl, people want to see even more videos from brands from 2021.


Brand video also benefits the following business goals:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Receive interest and engagement from your target audience
  • Shape how people perceive your business
  • Build customer loyalty
“Even though images still drive traffic and clicks, providing video gives users more insight into who you are as a brand.”


1. Build a strong presence with branded video content.

A key part of establishing any brand and making it recognisable is building up a consistent and comprehensive presence. In our digital age, this means sharing high-quality branded content regularly on online platforms, including your own website and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Why use branded video content for this? Because it gets the most eyeballs on your brand. Take a look at some of these stats:

2. win over your audience's hearts & minds.

Branded video content has the power to invite your target audience to build trust and an emotional connection with your brand.


Take a look at this study by AdAge. While watching branded video content, people’s emotional engagement actually increased by 31%. In contrast, emotional response while watching traditional commercials essentially stayed flat. Establishing an emotional connection gives you more influence over potential customers – and a greater likelihood of earning loyalty.


So that’s your audience’s hearts sorted. What about minds? Want people to have confidence in what your brand offers? Having high-end video content linked to your branding tells consumers that you are a professional, quality business/organisation.

3. Express what your brand does best.

Brand video is a powerful way to express what your brand does best.


For example, KTB Architecture:

KTB wanted to profile their company ethos for their website relaunch and rebranding exercise. The brief for the film was to give potential clients an enhanced understanding of who they are, and the personal approach they take to their clients.


The film provides not only glimpses of the buildings and spaces they’ve designed, but also an intimate look the detailed work that goes into each project. We also added motion graphics to deliver key messages linked to the brand.


After spending over a decade working with different brands (big and small), we know that every brand has at least one story to tell. The story most important to your brand might be:

  • The origin/founding story of your brand
  • The history of your industry (and where your brand sits in it)
  • How your brand has developed over the years
  • The life story of an important brand figure (e.g. your founder/CEO)
  • The story of what your business/company will do next

Watch how we tell the brand story of one of our long-term clients, Chesneys:

The film touches on Chesneys’ 30+ year history of making luxury fireplaces, from the sourcing of materials to the design, craftsmanship and final product being on display.

5. provide a glimpse into your company culture.

National Lottery Community Fund Brand

A brand video that focuses on company culture is an excellent way to humanise your brand to consumers – and also inspire potential and existing employees.


A company culture video can really compliment your recruitment efforts. It helps potential new recruits get a look and feel of your work environment. In turn, this helps your company attract the people who will fit seamlessly into your organisation.


Company culture brand videos even work for motivating your existing employees, and making them feel connected to the brand. With many of us having spent much of the past year and a half working remotely, it’s easy for employees to lose connection to your company. A strong company culture brand video can solve this by creating a sense of appreciation and unity amongst employees, no matter where they’re working from.

6. share your brand's mission & values.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for brands that are inspirational and/or share their interests, values and goals.


Check out the animated video we created for Bloomfield Sustainable Solutions:

Bloomfield is a gardening business with a mission to ‘educate & encourage the nation to become sustainable & environmentally friendly.’ They commissioned us to help share their mission.


Using animation allowed us to create a fun and engaging video that matched the company’s visual branding (including its signature black and yellow colour scheme) whilst also communicating their goals, values and approach.

7. entertain your audience with brand video.

Want your target audience to remember you? Entertain them and make them smile.


In an AdAge study, over 67% of participants thought branded content was more entertaining, more relevant and more likely to make them think of the advertised brand at time of purchase


That’s what we found worked best when we created this brand film for Pizza Express.

For the video, we asked famous magician Damien O’Brien to act as a waiter in front of unsuspecting customers. Using hidden cameras, we caught customers’ reactions as he performed a series of illusions (including turning water into wine!)


We found that this approach kept viewers watching, as they were curious to see what illusion he would perform next. It also created a positive association with Pizza Express – as a brand that promises to entertain its customers and create memorable moments.

8. Manage your brand reputation.

How can your company respond to reputation risks? Of course, video can be a great preventative measure – it creates a positive perception, which in turn builds loyalty and trust in your brand.


But it can also help your brand to bounce back from events that threaten your brand reputation, through…

  • Creating and controlling the narrative around the incident.
  • Connecting to the concerned parties on an emotional level.
  • Humanising your brand to viewers.
  • Rebuilding trust in the quality of your brand.
  • Reminding stakeholders of your values and ethos.
  • Informing viewers of any changes to your brand in light of the controversy.

9. use video to power your rebranding campaign.

Rebranding your company has its benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, a rebrand can breathe life into your business, give it a more modern feel, and show stakeholders your ability to grow and adapt. On the other hand, updating your online and offline presence can be time consuming, and there’s a risk you’ll lose your existing audience in the transition process.


Fortunately, video content can help you (re)introduce your brand to new and existing audiences alike – in an efficient and engaging way. Take our work with The National Lottery Community Fund:

In 2019, the Big Lottery Fund fully rebranded itself as The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) to better reflect their link to The National Lottery. They commissioned us to create a series of brand films for internal and external communication as part of their rebranding campaign.


The final series of films showcased TNLCF’s staff, values and track record, using existing success stories to highlight the impact their funding has had on different communities.

10. Measure the performance of your brand.

So you’ve went to the effort of creating great content for your brand. But how can you track whether your brand is actually getting the impressions, engagement and conversions you want?


Video metrics can give valuable insight into the reach and performance of your brand. Naturally, as video-specific platforms, YouTube and Vimeo offer a comprehensive range of analytics to look over. Indeed, most social platforms that allow you to post videos provide video-specific analytics.


For example, on Facebook, you can track everything from total reach to average watch time and even viewer retention. Twitter analytics likewise has its own tab for reviewing video activity

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