How to choose a video type for your company


If your company or organisation is interested in video marketing, one of the first major decisions you’ll come up against is what type of video content to choose. As it can affect both the creative process and outcome of the video, it’s an important choice to make.
So are you struggling to work out what type of video you want for your company? At Blueprint Film, we can help you come to a clear, informed decision. In this article, we’ll dive into a few different options when it comes to video type.


BUSINESS TYPE: works well for any company with a topic/product/service that requires explaining (B2B & B2C).
MARKETING GOALS: to educate/inform your audience, establish expertise, customer service.
SUB-CATEGORIES: how-to videos, FAQs, product explainers,
training videos, demonstrations.

THE LOW-DOWN: Explainer videos are perfect if you have a particularly tricky concept/process that you want to get across to viewers. And they do it in an engaging way. Plus, explaining a concept can help to establish you as an expert or leader in your industry.
Explainers often use animation, graphics, text and voiceovers to help viewers digest the information. As a result, the focus tends to be more on post-production than filming / production. For more insight, read our article on how you can benefit from an explainer video.


BUSINESS TYPE: B2C, also works well for B2B companies selling a specific product/service.

MARKETING GOALS: product awareness, gaining sales and conversions.

SUB-CATEGORIES: lifestyle, product launches, e-commerce videos.

THE LOW-DOWN: Promotional product videos are be one of the most common forms of video marketing today. The concept involves showcasing your product/service and its benefits. So if explainer videos are all about educating, these are all about selling to viewers. One option is to provide a product/service demonstration.
On the other hand, a lifestyle video might be a better match for your offerings. A lifestyle video sells your product/service by highlighting how it can fit into your target audience’s (current or ideal) way of life. Through this, it creates desire.
Interested in how your business can benefit from a product video?

BUSINESS TYPE: any business/organisation with a brand (B2C & B2B).

MARKETING GOALS: brand awareness & visibility, reputation management, engagement, audience growth.

SUB-CATEGORIES: company history/development, company values/culture video, brand (re)launch.

THE LOW-DOWN: Brand videos help to shape your audience and the wider public’s perceptions, feelings and associations about your brand/company. Get your brand in front of more people and create a strong impression. Here, the approach is not as overtly sales-y as promotional videos. But brand videos can encourage consumers to purchase from you. There’s lots of angles to choose from. You can humanise your brand by delving into the history and development of your brand. Another option is to focus on expressing your brand’s personality.

BUSINESS TYPE: any company with an existing (& ideally loyal) customer/client base.
MARKETING GOALS: brand awareness, reputation management, customer conversions, increase conversions.
SUB-CATEGORIES: reviews, customer/client interviews, case studies, user-generated video content.

THE LOW-DOWN: Testimonial and case study videos act as recommendations of your company’s products/services. As such, they can go a long way in convincing potential customers to pick you over your competitors.

BUSINESS TYPE: charities, non-profits, any company/organisation with a message to share.
MARKETING GOALS: awareness/visibility, build support behind a message, cause, initiative or company mission.
SUB-CATEGORIES: charity videos, case studies, explainers.

THE LOW-DOWN: Awareness videos have the sole purpose of raising awareness. Use them to bring attention to it a particular cause/initiative or a general mission/message central to your company. Unlike promotional videos, these videos are less about selling something to the viewer. Instead, similar to explainers, they aim to inform audiences and/or share a message. Awareness videos also provide an opportunity to utilise the power of emotive storytelling by drawing on real-life cases and impacts.

BUSINESS TYPE: works best for B2B companies and large-scale organisations.
MARKETING GOALS: recruitment & onboarding, asynchronous communication, productivity/efficiency.
SUB-CATEGORIES: company updates, presentations, meeting recordings, recruitment videos.

THE LOW-DOWN: Want your company’s communications to be more efficient and engaging? Invest in corporate/internal comms video. With video, viewers are more likely to remember the information and messaging you want to communicate. They can also speed up internal processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training and sharing company updates. Learn about how corporate/internal comms video can help solve eight common communications issues within organisations.

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