5 unique ways to use drone film in video marketing

Aerial video and photography are certain to set your marketing content apart. Drone video works for industries as diverse as property and architecture, travel and tourism, artisan, events and hospitality, and construction. Our team has access to cinema-quality drone rigs, and we know how to use them. To help you get the ball rolling with ideas, we’ve come up with a list of five unique ways to use drone footage in video marketing.


Compared to other elements found in digital marketing campaigns, commercial drone filming is a relatively new phenomenon. Indeed, it was only a couple of years ago that drone filming was reserved for big-budget Hollywood productions. By using drone video in your marketing materials, you are signalling that you are a modern company/organisation that can keep up with the latest technological developments.


Is your business or service based in an impressive building or location? Drone filming is an excellent way to establish and enhance the beauty, atmosphere and magnitude of a location. Also, it’s not limited to exterior footage. For instance, if you have a spacious interior – such as a warehouse or production facilities – drones can act as a tour guide. Watch the footage of our drone touring lighthouses for Trinity House for inspiration:


Why stick to just one location? Drone video is an excellent way to communicate the scope of your business or organisation. Show the breadth of your operations by exploring the areas you serve.
Another option is to have the drone track the movements of your company as it goes from area to area. You can even have footage that follows a moving vehicle – great for showing your product in transit or out for delivery.


Drone video is not all about capturing vast, empty landscapes. Another way to incorporate drone video is to show how your business or organisation brings a large number of people together. From above ground, you can capture hundreds of people in one place. For example, you can feature your team members, event attendees, people queuing for your product/service, or members of your local community.


Drone footage is a relatively untapped resource when it comes to marketing content. This is primarily down to the rules and regulations around commercial drone use that can be tricky to make sense of unless you know your stuff. (Luckily, our team includes CAA-approved drone pilots.)
Because it is uncommon, drone footage will set your content out from competitors. Above all, it provides a more unique and therefore memorable experience for viewers. Check out this video below of our 2022 Drone Showreel!

Are you intrigued by how drone filming can boost your content? Talk to us! Our team includes
licensed drone pilots with accreditation even for night-time flying. For more examples of our drone work, watch our ‘Drone Reels’ YouTube Playlist.

Amy Hart

Amy Hart

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