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What’s the first industry that comes to your mind when you think of advertising through video marketing? Whatever your answer, we’re willing to bet construction probably didn’t come to your head right away. Trouble is, using video marketing with construction is a key way to succeed, a fact many companies miss the boat on (and suffer as a result). But how does this work? Well, we’re here to give you our guide to the top 5 reasons why companies should use construction video marketing to help shed a little light on the subject. But enough preamble! Let’s get right into it!

1. construction video marketing sticks out from the crowd

One of the main reasons to use video marketing for your construction company is that the use of video helps you stand out from your competition and gain more sales as a result. Studies show that consumers can recall more from a video they watched than a static picture or block of text. When you stick in customer’s minds like that, you raise the chance they’ll remember you next time they need construction services. In case you need more proof that videos bring in the cash, Forbes discovered that companies who used videos generated money at a 49% increased rate over those who didn’t. Can’t argue with those numbers, right?

2. Build the bonds of trust

While on the topic of customers, using video marketing helps build relations with them as well as spread brand awareness. This is because you can use videos to highlight the values and personality of your company, which helps make your company feel more down-toearth. A professional video also helps convey a level of seriousness and prestige with your construction company. After all, would you buy from the company with clean, well-produced videos or one who had shaky footage cobbled together over a weekend?

3. Video does a lot for SEO

Video marketing is a great way to get your construction company shooting up the search engine charts. Since they help drive engagement and clicks for your site, the algorithm will push your website forward on search engines. In turn, this gets your site in front of more eyes (and gets you more clicks), feeding a continual pattern of growth.

4. Construction benefits from more video

The construction industry is also receptive to video in ways that don’t suit other industries as well.

For example, a business centred around software design would suffer using video since the main selling points they want to hook you on is far more conceptual at times than tangible. Construction has no such problem.

You have products (buildings) that you can display in all their glory on film, as well as documenting workers going through the construction process so potential customers can see how it goes. When you give the process this level of transparency, customers can get inspired by your designs or work methods and flock to you.

5. Social media boosters

Remember how Old Spice exploded into popularity after that viral ad in 2010? Well, you too can use videos in line with the social media presence your company already has to help spread the word about your business around the world. You can even cater your videos to either appeal to your inherent audience or try to bring in those who wouldn’t tend to be interested in construction companies. And there you have it! You’re free to use the steps you learned in this guide on construction video marketing to elevate your company to the next level! And for more tips and tricks regarding the use of video in business, make sure to check out the other posts on our blog

Amy Hart

Amy Hart

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