Lockdown Lessons Promotion Property with Harrods Estates

Lockdown Lessons

Property Video with Harrods Estates

Estate agents and the property sector as a whole have been significantly impacted by lockdown. Difficulties have arisen around hosting viewings, promoting new developments and other features.


So how can video help those in the property sector? Lockdown Lessons is a series dedicated to the lessons we have learnt from our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic (find previous instalments here). For this article, we reflect on our work with estate agent Harrods Estates and the video property tours we created

client Background and Problems

Harrods Estates are a well-established, luxury London property estate agent. Going into lockdown, they had a few problems that needed addressing.


Firstly, how can they show people around their apartments and properties when it is not safe to do so in person? Secondly, Harrods has a large customer demographic from abroad. With travel restrictions in place, how do they maintain those links and give potential tenants abroad the opportunity to view London apartments? Also, they had a new development which they completed during the first lockdown. How would they effectively promote this?

Video as a Solution

Given these problems, Harrods Estates needed a solution that would do three things: 

  1. Give people a way to view their properties from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world via the Harrods website.
  2. Maintain its high-end brand and feel through high-quality production.
  3. Capture all the various selling points of their large new developments in a bitesize manner.

Here’s where Blueprint Film came in. We shot apartment tours in 4k with a gimbal. This allowed us to manoeuvre through their spaces in a way that provides a sense of size while also creating a stylish and engaging video piece. Check out our video tour for a Belgravia apartment:

What about their new development? We used the same process but expanded it to cover the many elements of the build, which incorporated nine apartments of different sizes. Alongside individual apartment tours, we also created a snappier promotional video to encompass the whole development. We added graphics to pull out details where necessary. Here is the finished promotional film:

Lessons learned

Ultimately, the videos proved to be an ideal way of giving virtual tours of their apartments. They achieved this in a high-quality way consistent with Harrods Estates’ luxury and high-class brand. But the effectiveness of the video content is not just restricted to lockdown. Outside of lockdown, Harrods Estates can continue to use the video content to present and promote their properties in a more accessible way.

How does the case of Harrods Estates relate to your experiences of lockdown? Did you learn anything from their lessons?

If you want to learn about how video content can boost your business in lockdown and beyond, talk to us!


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