5 reasons to use animated video

We’re constantly talking about the power of good video in brand marketing strategies. We’ve spoken about types of video, from testimonial to explainers, or long form case studies. But one style we’ve not dived too deep into here on the blog is animation. Animated video is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of video content out there. 

As we begin to ease out of lockdown, brands and companies’ communications strategies need to be as clear and concise as possible. We’re seeing a lot of people coming around to the messaging power of strong video content. Animation can be incredibly powerful for certain messages. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why animated video might be perfect for you.

1. Only limited by imagination

We’ll start with perhaps an obvious one, but it’s a huge reason why animation might be perfect for your next marketing endeavour. Simply put, you can animate pretty much anything. Whatever character, situation, environment, story you like; the only real limit is your imagination. Take this recent example from Extinction Rebellion & Passion pictures:

Extinction Rebellion & Passion Pictures - The Gigantic Change

Using animation to bring to life a voice-over, Passion Pictures were able to articulate a more concise and consistent story. There are transitions and movements that quite simply couldn’t be replicated in live action. The art style is hand-drawn, to emulate the feeling of reading a children’s picture book.

2. using characters

One of the benefits of live action video that we are consistently pushing, is the ability to help create empathy with viewers by showing them characters they can relate to.

This is something that, albeit in a different way, still applies in animated video. Using characters to ground a story remains a surefire way of guiding viewers through a topic. And with animation, the character can be whoever you want.

show them characters they can relate to.

3. limitless art styles

One of the key decisions on any creative project is how it looks. Keeping consistency throughout any video is key, and as a brand you’ll also be looking to put your stamp on your work too. Thankfully there are many different styles of animation that will create different moods – you could go a little rough around the edges, hand-drawn, cartoony, minimalistic, slick, 3D, wireframe etc. The list is pretty much endless, and the great thing about animation is that it allows you to take the time to create an art style that really speaks for your brand.

4. Turn dull into vibrant

Even if you’re not quite ready to start pulling together stories with characters and worlds, there is a place for animation in simpler places.

It really doesn’t take much.

Typography is one such place. Let’s say you have a particularly wordy or hard to grasp message that you’re struggling to communicate through written text. Animating this can be as simple as adding movement to text in places, creating visual links between words and phrases, and adding a voice-over to walk viewers through the concept.

It really doesn’t take much, but turning text into kinetic typography can create infinitely more engaging and digestible content.

5. manageable production

When it comes to video production, we don’t need to explain the long process that getting from concept to deliverables entails.

In live action video production, you have to take those stages in a very linear way. You cannot begin shooting until you’ve finished pre-production, you cannot begin editing until you’ve finished shooting, and so on. There are of course the added elements of planning and executing a successful shoot; and the pressure on getting everything right on the shoot. In general, when it comes to the edit, if you haven’t got the footage, the scene isn’t happening.

With animated video, the process remains largely the same, however you have the added security of really being able to tweak and change things as and when you need. Is there a certain moment or transition that isn’t quite as effective expected when storyboarding? Adjust it. Are you unhappy with the colours and look of certain elements? Tweak them. It is an infinitely more reactive process vs. traditional video creation, that allows for a much more hands on creative approach at all stages.

We hope these brief points have helped illuminate why animation is a great option for creatives and marketers alike. During these times of remote working, isolation and changes in marketing practices – we’ve seen a lot of clients opening up to animation as an option. Luckily, we’re experts in this stuff, so if you have an idea you’d like to bring to fruition, or just want to chat about options – get in touch!

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