Why Video Marketing Is Stronger Than Ever

the importance of video marketing

Video content has increasingly become an integral part of any marketers toolbox. In fact by the end of 2020, the number of videos crossing the internet per second is expected to reach around 1 billion (Social Media Week). It is by far one of the largest ways that consumers absorb content online. Here are just a few other ways video content can be an essential marketing tool.

Building trust

Trust is one of the most important factors for consumers when considering a product or brand. It is the foundation for relationships you may have with an audience. There are countless proven ways to gain trust through marketing, and video content can open up those pathways even further. This is because video can be much more relatable than written mediums. Its ability to evoke emotions in a short period of time, through tone, visuals and music, means those connections are easier than ever to build. Another reason video helps create trust? Being able to see someone explain something immediately creates empathy by putting a face to a message. In short? Video is much better at making people care.

man holding iPhone

Mobile users love video

With the rise of smartphones, people are spending more and more time on their mobiles. And with the rising popularity of social media and sites like Youtube, we're watching more video than ever on our phones. This has created more opportunities than ever, to reach customers through video. Think about how many times you check your social feeds every day. Now think about what type of content you tend to stop scrolling for - chances are it's probably something linked to a visual. People are twice as likely to share a video than they are a written post (wyzowl). The best way to raise awareness? Video.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google likes to prioritise websites on the front page if they feature video. Theres a simple reason for this: video drives up viewer engagement and therefore people tend to spend more time on that webpage. Social media users share videos at a higher rate than any other form of media. Through video, companies have been able to get their message out, have a larger effect on viewers and increase their audience size. This has made it a vital part of any marketers process.


People want bitesize, easy to digest content. With the increase in mobile consumption and the saturation of platforms, people are seeing a lot more content than they used to. The window you have to hook viewers is also smaller than ever. The beauty of video is the ability to get a message across quicker and in a more engaging way than written text ever could. You can do a lot more to grab someone's attention in those crucial first few seconds of video than you can in a paragraph of text.

Take a scroll down one of your social feeds - keep a steady pace but make sure not to stop for longer than a second on anything, just scroll. Chances are you made more sense of any images or video posts in that short time than you did any paragraphs of text. At the very least your eyes went to the visual content before they tried to read any of the text.

The list of reasons why video should be a top priority for any marketer in 2020 goes on and on. We’ve only touched on a few here Today, but hopefully we’ve been able to make you think a little further about taking that step into video. We’ll be diving into the many different aspects of video marketing here on the blog through the coming months. 

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