If you follow us over on any of our social media channels, you’ll know that every Friday we pick out a short film that made a particular impression on us. From animations, to narrative and documentary shorts; it’s always good to check out other creator’s work. With another month behind us (and the start of a new decade?!), we’ve compiled all of December’s picks into one handy list! Take a scroll down and get inspired! Here are the best short films of December 2019…


Our first pick of December Timur Abdulov's impressive alien invasion commercial spot, 'Aliens'. We're big fans of the vfx work here, which nails the over-the-top invasion situation, and makes the eventual sell all the more hilarious and effective.


Before directing horror gems like The Witch & The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers was smashing the short film game too. His previously unreleased short film 'Brothers' is our next pick on the list - & it's just as atmospheric as you'd expect. As usual Eggers stunning visual eye makes this a real gem of a short film that you won't want to miss.


Okay, things are getting a little freaky with our next December pick. Ryan Dickie's 'Montana, GA' has to be one of the strangest shorts we've seen for a while (we mean this in the best way!). We love the quirky tone to this one, which brilliantly compliments the even quirkier story - with a great style and look to suit.


Our final pick of the month was the beautiful & creative 'Guaxuma'. Nara Normande's stunning short explores friendship & memory, using a mixture of different animated styles all wrapped into one wonderful and poignant short - definitely worth a watch!

So that’s all from December folks! Remember to follow us over on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with all of our picks for next month! While you’re here, why not check out some of our own projects? Fancy even more short films? Check out our list of the best of November here.

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